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Introducing The World’s First Totally Flexible Lease
As you will see in Grants video, photocopiers are not that flexible! And the way you lease a copier, printer or scanner – well, that’s not very flexible either! When you lease your photocopier or printer – regardless if you’re happy with it or not – you’re stuck with that machine for the next three to five years. Unless you enjoy throwing good money away on LARGE lease settlement figures! So think this through, if your print volume increases and you need a faster…
The 4.5 Million Thoughts Guarantee
Grant believes that customers shouldn’t have to take any risks when they buy a new product or service – from anyone. In his mind if we’ve supplied the wrong equipment for the job, or the customer doesn’t like our service – then that’s our fault, not theirs. That’s why he included a full 90 day risk free guarantee with this programme. As Grant explains in this video, you will produce around 50,000 thoughts today. What if just one of those thoughts thinks…
7 Days To £5,094.00 Worth of Extraordinary Bonuses
In this video you will see that the Total Flexibility Programme not only provides you with: Guaranteed, interest free, lease acceptance… A full 90 day risk-free guarantee… The ability to change your machine whenever you like after one year – with NO lease settlement figures… A choice of flexible service tariffs, which you can switch if your print volumes change; and… The choice for you to own the equipment at the end of the lease. It’s also THE programme that…
Genuine Interest FREE Lease and You’re Already Accepted
This video begins with Grant taking a trip down memory lane. See if you remember any of these advertising slogans used by financial institutions to help sell their products and services: #1. It’s everywhere you want to be. #2. Because life’s complicated enough. #3. The bank that likes to say Yes. #4. Come and talk to the listening bank. #5. Get a little extra help from the… #6. To save and invest, talk to… #7. It’s our business, to know your business. #8. For the…
Exceptional Service That Won’t Change… With Tarriffs You Can
In this video Grant compares his first Smartphone, to the one he uses today. On his first Smartphone he searched around for the best tariff for his use and signed up for a minimum two year term. The cost was around £35.00 a month, which included unlimited calls to certain numbers, unlimited texts and NO data use. A perfect tariff for him at the time, because it matched his phone use.His current phone costs around £10 a month more for unlimited calls, unlimited…
Own The Equipment At The End Of The Lease? Your CHOICE
Embrace choice, that’s our mantra. Because we believe in this new, fast evolving, digital world you cannot be constrained by the inflexibility of old leasing methods. To have the power to choose to respond and change as your business grows and develops is essential. We believe having the freedom to change your photocopiers, printers, scanners when you NEED – Not when you’re TOLD – should be a right for every business. This belief…

Change your machine whenever you like after 1 year – NO lease settlements to pay

Flexible service tariffs that you can simply switch if your print volumes change

A full 90 day, sleep easy, completely RISK FREE guarantee

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The option to own the machine at the end of the lease – completely Free of Charge

Genuine interest FREE lease, NO set-up fees, PLUS guaranteed lease acceptance

£5,094.00 worth of extraordinary bonuses (time sensitive)

And finally