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Step #1.

Start The Smart Requirement Finder:

The Total Flexibility Programme
copier lease, Grant J Marsh, printer lease, office equipment, best copier, photocopier lease

Creator of the ‘Total Flexibility Programme’

copier lease, Grant J Marsh, printer lease, office equipment, best copier, photocopier lease

Author of the book ‘Online Presence To Online Powerhouse’

copier lease, Grant J Marsh, printer lease, office equipment, best copier, photocopier lease

Founder of ‘The Dream Trust Achieve Academy’

Star and producer of the ‘Super Now Wow’ podcast and YouTube show

copier lease, Grant J Marsh, printer lease, office equipment, best copier, photocopier lease

Creator of the ‘Online Presence To Online Powerhouse:
The Complete Master Plan’

7 Days To £5,094.00 Worth of Extraordinary Bonuses

Grant begins this video by explaining that the Total Flexibility Programme not only provides you with..
Guaranteed, interest free, lease acceptance
An unconditional full 90 day risk-free guarantee
The ability to change your machine whenever you like after one year – with NO lease settlement figures
A choice of flexible service tariffs, which you can switch if your print volumes change; and
The choice for you to own the equipment at the end of the lease
It’s also THE programme that provides you with THREE bonuses worth £5,094.00
Unfortunately we cannot reveal what two of these bonuses are. But we can show the cost of these bonuses and explain Grant’s REASONS for offering you them.
Because let’s be honest, businesses offer free ‘stuff’ (be it gifts, discounts, bonuses or rewards) for two main reasons:
1. To gain a competitive advantage.
For example, a gift or bonus to tempt you to choose their product or service rather than one of their competitors; or
2. To encourage and persuade you to act now.
For example, a gift or bonus if you buy their product or service before a certain deadline, or if you’re within the first so many customers to respond.
Now, there are other reasons. For example, to help them up-sell products, or sell higher quantities of product, or to encourage or reward customer loyalty – but those are the two main ones.
So what’s the purpose of our three bonuses?
Is Grant trying to gain a competitive advantage over our competitors, or is he trying to tempt and persuade you to act now and join the Total Flexibility Programme?
Well, it’s sort of both – but then again, it’s neither!
Let’s reveal your bonuses – as much as we can – and we’ll explain Grant’s motives as we go along.
The First Bonus
An instant £100 credit on your account.
No catches. You don’t have to be within the first hundred to respond, or have your copier installed by next Friday.
We cannot guarantee any of these bonuses will always be available. But as it stands, we welcome you with a £100 credit on your account regardless of whether you join the Total Flexibility Programme next week; or next year.
So Grant’s clearly not using this bonus to encourage you to act now, neither is he trying to gain a competitive advantage over our competitors. Our programme already provides that.
This bonus is simply a small welcoming gift for you.
In effect, the £100.00 credit provides you with your first £100 worth of copying or printing free. And that’s great, because you can experiment with your new machine and try out the new features – without it costing you a penny.
But there’s more…
You receive this credit even if you return the equipment during the unconditional 90 day risk free guarantee.
We can’t be fairer than that
The Second Bonus
As we explained, we can’t share the full details of these remaining two bonuses with you right now.
Grant only reveals them to you AFTER you’ve completed the Smart Requirement Finder (which you can start by pressing the ‘start’ button below the video) and you’ve watched your personal video presentation.
But, we can let you know the costs.
£1,997.00 for bonus two; and
The Third Bonus
£2,997.00 for this bonus.
We can reveal that we have EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to both bonuses. So apart from our associated companies – no amount of money can buy them anywhere else!
Grant doesn’t know you, your business or what your ambitions are. But he does know these two bonuses have the potential to help you SIGNIFICANTLY grow your business.
He knows this because the two ‘PRODUCTS’ that he’s gifting you, are already helping businesses achieve quick, sustainable and substantial growth.
However, if these bonuses are so beneficial and unique, it does beg the question…
Why did Grant decide to keep the details secret?
His decision may at first seem counterintuitive. But, as he explains, there’s a good reason behind it:
“Everyone thinks it’s strange that I don’t shout about these bonuses from the rooftops. They say, ‘Surely that’s the whole point of bonuses… to encourage and persuade businesses to buy from you?’
But, here’s the thing.
The purpose of these two bonuses is NOT to help persuade anyone to join our Total Flexibility Programme. Believe me, I don’t want any business joining the programme purely to gain access to these bonuses.”
In the video Grant goes on to explain…
“If a business joined the Total Flexibility Programme, just to access these bonuses, they would order the lowest cost machine we supply. This machine, in all likelihood, would be unsuitable for their needs. So it would sit in the corner of their office, unused and collecting dust, for the next three years. They would never experience our programme or our service support.
We’d have a disengaged customer, a photocopier earning no service revenue with little possibility of the customer staying with us after three years.
That’s the total opposite of what I want.”
So why is Grant offering you these two bonuses?
Is it to gain an advantage over our competitors?…
Well, no amount of money can buy these from anywhere else. So these bonuses, together with the other unique benefits of the Total Flexibility Programme, do give us a strong competitive advantage.
But that’s not reason.
So, is Grant trying to tempt you to act NOW and join the programme?
Well, YES – but only when you’re ready!
I know that’s a contradiction, so let me explain.
There is a catch to these bonuses.
It is time sensitive and you need to act within a deadline….
But ONLY after you’ve completed the Smart Requirement Finder.
So, if you’re not ready for a new photocopier for another – let’s say – 6 months, DO NOT START the Smart Requirement Finder.
Come back here in six months and, although we cannot guarantee it, all three bonuses will probably still be available.
You can then fill in the Smart Requirement Finder, watch Grant’s video presentation on your own micro-site, join the Total Flexibility Programme and claim the bonuses.
However, if you are looking for a new copying and printing device NOW – and you can respond within the next 7 days – then fill in the Smart Requirement Finder. If you join our programme, you’ll get both bonuses worth £4,994.00!
Once again, to be clear.
These two bonuses will not disappear anytime soon. If you’re not ready to have a new machine just yet, come back when you are – the chances are every bonus will still be available.
However, the moment you complete the Smart Requirement Finder – the clock starts ticking. To be able to get these bonuses, you need to respond and book a no-obligation demonstration within the next 7 days.
The demonstration itself doesn’t have to be within the next 7 days.
But you have to respond to book a demonstration within those 7 days, or…
You miss out on these two bonuses. No exceptions.
So why is the 7-day deadline only triggered AFTER you’ve completed the Smart Requirement Finder? Why doesn’t the countdown start now, whilst you’re reading this?
Well, Grant’s strongly opposed to creating FALSE urgency. You know, the 50% off promotions that must end next Monday. Then on Monday the 50% promotion has been extended due to such high demand – but must end Friday, to make way for a new 50% off promotion starting Saturday!
That’s why there’s NO ‘upfront’ deadline on these bonuses. If you’re not ready for a new printing device now, come back to us when you are.
But, Grant DOES want to create urgency if you are looking for a new machine now.
Why? Because if you watch Grant’s presentation and want to join the Total Flexibility Programme, he wants you to book a no-obligation demonstration straight away…
while it’s fresh in your mind.
As Grant explains:
“We both know what it’s like. We’re running a business and you mean to do something, then you get busy with more important ‘stuff’. You’ll say to yourself I’ll book that demonstration tomorrow… then other priorities take over. My presentation to you get’s pushed further and further back into your mind as each day passes. These days become weeks, the weeks become months and the demonstration still isn’t booked. And by then you’ve forgot what the benefits of the programme were in the first place!”
There’s two reasons why Grant’s offering you these bonuses:
First, he wants to give you an incredible incentive TO ACT. If you can book a demonstration now, he wants you to book it now.
While all the information is still fresh.
If you would like to show his video presentation to someone else before deciding… Grant wants you to show them as soon as possible. While it’s fresh in your mind!
Or, if you need to hold a meeting to decide, he wants you to have that meeting as soon as possible. Yes… while it’s still fresh in your mind!
Second, if, after watching these videos and your presentation, you believe in us and trust us enough to join the Total Flexibility Programme… then we think that’s really special :)
And if you do that, Grant would like to thank you by gifting you these two bonuses. And, if he can and if you want him to,…
help you grow your business – just like you’d be helping him grow our business.
So, lets get You and Grant helping each other right away…
By clicking the Start button below and completing the Smart Requirement Finder.
Respond within the next 7 days to book your no-obligation demonstration and claim these two valuable bonuses that could explode the growth of your business.
Grant’s there on the other side.
Just four simple steps between YOU and £5,094.00 worth of EXCLUSIVE, BUSINESS CHANGING, Bonuses:
Step #1. Press the ‘Start’ button below to start the Smart Requirement Finder.
Step #2. Answer a few questions about your copying and printing needs (Grant will be there on the other side to help, if you need it).
Step #3. You’ll receive two emails. One asking you to click a link to confirm it was you that completed the Smart Requirement Finder. Then an email from Grant which will contain the link to your personal micro site.
Step #4.Sit back, relax and watch Grants personal presentation and respond to book your No-Obligation demonstration within 7 days.

Change your machine whenever you like after 1 year – NO lease settlements to pay

Flexible service tariffs that you can simply switch if your print volumes change

A full 90 day, sleep easy, completely RISK FREE guarantee

Start The Smart
Requirement Finder Here:

The option to own the machine at the end of the lease – completely Free of Charge

Genuine interest FREE lease, NO set-up fees, PLUS guaranteed lease acceptance

£5,094.00 worth of extraordinary bonuses (time sensitive)

And finally