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Lease Flexibility

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Step #1.

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The Total Flexibility Programme
copier lease, Grant J Marsh, printer lease, office equipment, best copier, photocopier lease

Creator of the ‘Total Flexibility Programme’

copier lease, Grant J Marsh, printer lease, office equipment, best copier, photocopier lease

Author of the book ‘Online Presence To Online Powerhouse’

copier lease, Grant J Marsh, printer lease, office equipment, best copier, photocopier lease

Founder of ‘The Dream Trust Achieve Academy’

Star and producer of the ‘Super Now Wow’ podcast and YouTube show

copier lease, Grant J Marsh, printer lease, office equipment, best copier, photocopier lease

Creator of the ‘Online Presence To Online Powerhouse:
The Complete Master Plan’

Introducing The World’s First Totally Flexible Lease

As you can see from Grants video, photocopiers are not that flexible!… and the way you lease a copier, printer or scanner… well that’s not very flexible either!
When you lease your photocopier or printer – regardless if you’re happy with it or not – you’re stuck with that machine for the next three to five years. Unless you enjoy throwing good money away on LARGE lease settlement figures!
So think this through…
If your print volume increases and you need a faster machine, you will suffer years of frustration.
What if…
Your print volumes decrease and you need a smaller, more cost efficient printer?
Sorry, nothing you can do.
Having to wait years before you could take advantage of the latest technology that generates cheaper, faster and more efficient document workflow.
Fingers crossed…
That your machine doesn’t become unreliable – because you must put up with it!
But with Grant’s ‘Half Price and Then 50/50 Total Flexibility Programme’, you CAN change your machine whenever you like – for whatever reason you want – after a brief 12 months.
NO interest, NO financial penalties and NO lease settlements to pay.
This is how it works:


First: The HALF PRICE and then 50/50 Formula
We use our half price and then 50/50 formula on the machine Grant recommended for you based on the answers you gave on the ‘Smart Requirement Finder’.
Step-by-Step, this is how the formula works:
Step #1. Half Price
For example, if your machine had an RRP of £14,400.00
We would take the £14,400 and half that price.
Leaving £7,200.00
Step #2. 50/50
The remaining £7,200.00 gets split 50/50
Giving us TWO totals of £3,600.00 each
Step #3. Returnable Deposit
One of the 50/50 figures (£3,600.00 in this example) gets paid by you us a RETURNABLE deposit. (We will explain in more detail how the returnable deposit works shortly).
Step #4. Interest Free Lease
The remaining 50/50 figure gets placed on our 3 year INTEREST FREE lease with GUARANTEED LEASE ACCEPTANCE.
So, continuing with our example, we would take the remaining 50/50 figure of £3,600.00 and divide it by 36 months. This provides a repayment schedule of £100.00 per month.
(And the lease is 100% interest FREE. It’s our leasing company)


Second: Change, Upgrade or Downgrade Whenever You Want
After a short 12 months, you can change your equipment whenever you like and for whatever reason you want.
If you exchanged, upgraded or downgraded your machine after 12 months, or 18 months or 26 months (you can change whenever you want, it doesn’t matter), this will happen:
First, your deposit is returned
In this example, £3,600.00 deposit refunded to you in FULL.
Second, your lease is cancelled
At once, with NO financial penalties and NO settlement figures to pay.
How Much Do You Pay?
If you changed your machine in this example after 12 months, you’d have paid:
1. No deposit, because the original payment of £3,600 is refunded to you.
2. 12 monthly interest free lease repayments at £100 per month.
Total Paid: £1,200.00 (On a machine that has an RRP of £14,400.00!)


Third: Your Next Machine Will Also Be Supplied Under The Total Flexibility Programme
Which means:
1. The ‘Half Price and then 50/50’ formula will be used to work out your next machines cost.
2. Your next lease will once again be interest FREE.
3. And you’ll have the flexibility to exchange, upgrade or downgrade that machine after 12 months once again.
Complete flexibility on your first machine, on your second machine… and on the one after that :)


Now see which machine Grant recommends for you, in your personal presentation. Just follow these four steps:
Step #1. Press the ‘Start’ button below to start the Smart Requirement Finder.
Step #2. Answer a few questions about your copying and printing needs (Grant will be there on the other side to help, if you need it).
Step #3. You’ll receive two emails. One asking you to click a link to confirm it was you that completed the Smart Requirement Finder. Then an email from Grant which will also contain the link to your personal micro site.
Step #4. Sit back, relax and watch Grants personal presentation.

Change your machine whenever you like after 1 year – NO lease settlements to pay

Flexible service tariffs that you can simply switch if your print volumes change

A full 90 day, sleep easy, completely RISK FREE guarantee

Start The Smart
Requirement Finder Here:

The option to own the machine at the end of the lease – completely Free of Charge

Genuine interest FREE lease, NO set-up fees, PLUS guaranteed lease acceptance

£5,094.00 worth of extraordinary bonuses (time sensitive)

And finally