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The Great Lease Flexibility Myth
(The Flan, Cream & Jam Demonstration)
This idea that traditional leases are flexible: Well, it’s a MYTH… and I’ve proved it with some help from Flans, Cream & Jam!
In this video I demonstrate the difference between upgrading (or downgrading) your copier, printer, scanner through our ‘Total Flexibility Programme’, compared to the costly exercise of upgrading your machine through a ‘traditional’ lease. I demonstrate this by using 6 flans, a
Freedom: The Total
Flexibility Programme Overview
Grant was asked, in a recent interview, what the greatest benefit of the Total Flexibility Programme was. His answer…
The greatest benefit of our Total Flexibility Programme is the peace of mind it gives our customers.

Yes, they have the POWER to change their equipment whenever they want, for whatever reason they want.
But their peace of mind doesn’t come…

The Photocopier Lease:
‘Through The Ages’
The above ‘documentary’, tells the story of how the photocopier lease has grown and developed since its launch in early 1960. (Or, to be more exact, it shows how the photocopier lease hasn’t changed in over half a century!). On the 16th September 1959, Haloid-Xerox (not “Harold Xerox”, as Grant Mr. Lennon confuses the name in the video!) launchedthe first ever commercial plain paper copier. But Xerox had a massive…
Not Wanted:
Salesmen Hassle
This video takes a tongue-in-cheek look at a few of the reasons why we do not use salespeople, but there’s a serious message behind it. Because buying a photocopier or printer has been a time consuming and convoluted process. For example, to choose a machine a business will in the main:
Hold meetings with up to three different copier salespeople. Wait for the quotes to arrive. Sit through several several internal meetings to compare prices, service…
Embrace Choice
The inflexible photocopier lease was first introduced in 1960. Nothing has changed for nearly seventy years. Until today.Because today you can choose the ‘Total Flexibility Programme’, which…
offers a fresh approach, brings new opportunities, changes expectations, provides relentless value, enhances your experience and delivers total flexibility. The ‘Total Flexibility Programme’ gives you the power to… Choose… Respond…
The Smart Requirement
Finder Walkthrough
Here’s a step-by-step guide to what happens once you start the Smart Requirement Finder:
To start the ‘Smart Requirement Finder’, click on the Start Button on any page.This will take you to the ‘Smart Requirement Finder’ page. If you need help to work out your exact requirements, there’s a short video providing helpful hints and tips on the left-hand side of this page. There’s further help under the question itself. The first question asked…
The ‘I Believe’ Video: Full Interview Transcript
I believe offering your customers great service alone, isn’t enough… not anymore. Providing great service and doing your best for them… well that should be a given, right? That’s the least any person deserves when they’ve believed in you and invested their time and their money in your product or service. My story began back in 2008, with me sat in an insolvency practitioners office waiting for a creditors meeting to start. After eight years of success one of my businesses got into so much financial trouble…

Change your machine whenever you like after 1 year – NO lease settlements to pay

Flexible service tariffs that you can simply switch if your print volumes change

A full 90 day, sleep easy, completely RISK FREE guarantee

Start The Smart
Requirement Finder Here:

The option to own the machine at the end of the lease – completely Free of Charge

Genuine interest FREE lease, NO set-up fees, PLUS guaranteed lease acceptance

£5,094.00 worth of extraordinary bonuses (time sensitive)

And finally