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copier lease, Grant J Marsh, printer lease, office equipment, best copier, photocopier lease

Creator of the ‘Total Flexibility Programme’

copier lease, Grant J Marsh, printer lease, office equipment, best copier, photocopier lease

Author of the book ‘Online Presence To Online Powerhouse’

copier lease, Grant J Marsh, printer lease, office equipment, best copier, photocopier lease

Founder of ‘The Dream Trust Achieve Academy’

Star and producer of the ‘Super Now Wow’ podcast and YouTube show

copier lease, Grant J Marsh, printer lease, office equipment, best copier, photocopier lease

Creator of the ‘Online Presence To Online Powerhouse: The Complete Master Plan’

* Creator of Half Price & Then 50/50 ‘Total Flexibility Programme’

* Author of the book ‘Online Presence to Online Powerhouse’

* Founder of ‘The Dream Trust Achieve Academy’

* Star of the inspirational ‘Super Now Wow!’ podcast and YouTube Show

Back in 2008, Grant sat in an insolvency practitioners office waiting for a creditors meeting to start. After eight years of continuous growth, one of the companies he founded fell into so much financial trouble – he had no choice but to liquidate the company.

“As I waited for the meeting to start, I felt empty and detached. It was a weird sensation and it’s hard for me to explain. It was like I wasn’t present, it wasn’t me in that moment, I was just an observer.”

But once the meeting started, the enormity of the situation hit him. “My heart rate quickened and my mouth dried,” Grant explains. “Then my mind raced as I thought about everyone I had let down. My customers, my staff and the emotional strain I had placed on my family. Yes, I felt embarrassed, disappointed and guilty. I felt defeated.”

On the drive back home, after the meeting, Grant asked himself three questions: “Did I CHANGE enough? Was I BRAVE enough? Was I GOOD enough?

The answers shocked him.

At first, Grant struggled to accept those thoughts. But, it slowly dawned on him that knowing THE TRUTH gave him the power to respond and change.

Energised and with a new sense of purpose, Grant took full RESPONSIBILITY for the failure, committed himself to lifelong LEARNING and set to work to realise his compelling dream: to reinvent every aspect of their customers experience.

Offering great service alone was NOT ENOUGH.

Grant wanted a NEW way to serve, engage and support his customers. To deliver a more personalised, flexible experience – that would create NEW EXPECTATIONS on how office equipment suppliers should deliver their products and service.

Grant spent the next FIVE years studying the worlds best information marketers. To learn how they develop and market products. How they set up landing pages and opt-in pages. How they create intelligent marketing strategies, build sales funnels and automated marketing sequences.


Saw how they engaged, served and delivered immense value to their audience.

Five years – and over $80,000.00 worth – of education gave Grant the courage and inspiration to create the ‘Total Flexibility Programme’. A pioneering idea that revolutionised the way businesses could lease, service and change their office equipment.

With a deep understanding on how to market online in an intelligent, strategic, automated way Grant built his own websites and developed the ‘Smart Requirement Finder’. He has created over 450 video presentations, launched more than 400 personalised ‘micro sites’ and built hundreds of complex automated sale sequences.

Since then, Grant has dedicated a large part of his life helping other businesses. Training them how to use the latest technologies to share, serve and engage with their customers and how to build a trusted, valued and pioneering online business.

Grant’s other achievements include:

Author of the book ‘Online Presence to Online Powerhouse’, Founder of ‘The Dream Trust Achieve Academy’, Host and producer of the inspirational, personal greatness podcast and YouTube show, ‘Super Now Wow’.

Grant created the comprehensive training programme ‘Online Presence to Online Powerhouse: The Complete Master Plan’. The programme that shows businesses how to transform their generic, disengaging and underperforming websites into ‘online powerhouses’. Selling more products and services, attracting more loyal fans, prospects and customers and building email marketing lists in a strategic, automated way.

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Now get your personal presentation with Grant in just four easy steps:

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Step #2. Answer a few questions about your copying and printing needs (Grant will be there on the other side to help, if you need it).

Step #3. You’ll receive two emails. One asking you to click a link to confirm it was you that completed the Smart Requirement Finder. Then an email from Grant which will also contain the link to your personal micro site.

Step #4. Sit back, relax and watch Grants personal presentation.

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